Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tim P. Is A Douchebag

Most of you know me to be a fairly reasonable WIS. However when provoked I can turn downright ugly. Well let me share a little story which has pissed me off to no end.

Sunday afternoon and I am at my cousin and best bud’s house enjoying the Packers/Vikings game. I step into his office and do a quick check of the watch sales forums. Lo and behold, I see a watch I want on WUS. It’s a Hamilton Aviation QNE. I log into WUS and send the seller a message stating I’ll take the watch. I then log out as this isn’t my computer. I return to the real world and think nothing of it.

Later I go home, have dinner with the family and then log into check my messages. Goes like this:

My message is sent to seller at 1614

He responds with his PayPal info at 1627

He sends another message at 1745 asking if I want the watch.

He sends another message at 1851 stating he has sold the watch to another party.

Unfortunately, I did not check my messages until after 1851. The seller was then unwilling to reverse his deal and hung me out to dry. I didn’t realize it was a race.

So, am I just a slacker or is this guy a douchebag? In my eyes he is clearly a 100% douchebag. I’ve been around the watch forums for years, and when I say I’ll take it you can count on being paid. This shithead should know better!

Am I pissed?? Just a touch. As a public service to prevent this dick from acting like a child with anyone else and to extract a small measure of revenge I am making this post. For your information the seller is Tim P., a serial flipper who lists on most of the major sales sites. He had best stay far away from 3T or he’ll feel the wrath. So be advised: TIM P. IS A DOUCHEBAG.

And if anyone has this watch and wants to flip it please give me a holler.


Breitlingsource said...

I know whatcha mean. Its a tough to say, but sometimes given the situation, if I had someone else basically say, I have the money right now and I'm willing to pay right now and I'm at the computer waiting to paypal you the money.. and I'm not willing to wait until the other guy (you) responds. Then he's in a dilemna... does he wait for you? Who might end up not going through because there is some details like shipping or whatever to work out? Or does he take the sure thing right now?

Anyway.. I typically give the first person that says "I'll take it" 12-24hrs to respond, depending on the time of the day and their location. However, if there was no solid "I'll take it" of course it is anyones watch. I've had people haggling with me get pissed off because I sold it while they were haggling with me, but someone is offering me full price, so why should I haggle with them.

These are delicate situations and I think whoever is the unhappy party is always going to feel they got the raw end of the stick. This has happened to me tons of times. Once I even paypaled the guy the money 4-5hours after he sent me paypal info, and he refunded it back. He never even emailed me to say that he sold it to someone else until afterwards.

Anonymous said...

It does seem kind of crappy of him to not give you some time to reply, but on the other hand, I've had MANY, MANY people say "I'll take it", and then I go ahead and let everyone else know that it's SPF, only to never hear back from the first person. Highly frustrating.

Also, might it be just a tad bit presumptuous on your part that everyone should "know" you? Big world out there, even on the watch forums. Don't be one of those guys who thinks that because he fancies himself a "forum elder" is entitled to any special treatment.

Again, this is not to say what this guy did was right, your post just comes off a little like "how dare anyone do that to ME of all people!" when in reality there is another perspective to these transactions as well.