Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tim P. Is A Douchebag

Most of you know me to be a fairly reasonable WIS. However when provoked I can turn downright ugly. Well let me share a little story which has pissed me off to no end.

Sunday afternoon and I am at my cousin and best bud’s house enjoying the Packers/Vikings game. I step into his office and do a quick check of the watch sales forums. Lo and behold, I see a watch I want on WUS. It’s a Hamilton Aviation QNE. I log into WUS and send the seller a message stating I’ll take the watch. I then log out as this isn’t my computer. I return to the real world and think nothing of it.

Later I go home, have dinner with the family and then log into check my messages. Goes like this:

My message is sent to seller at 1614

He responds with his PayPal info at 1627

He sends another message at 1745 asking if I want the watch.

He sends another message at 1851 stating he has sold the watch to another party.

Unfortunately, I did not check my messages until after 1851. The seller was then unwilling to reverse his deal and hung me out to dry. I didn’t realize it was a race.

So, am I just a slacker or is this guy a douchebag? In my eyes he is clearly a 100% douchebag. I’ve been around the watch forums for years, and when I say I’ll take it you can count on being paid. This shithead should know better!

Am I pissed?? Just a touch. As a public service to prevent this dick from acting like a child with anyone else and to extract a small measure of revenge I am making this post. For your information the seller is Tim P., a serial flipper who lists on most of the major sales sites. He had best stay far away from 3T or he’ll feel the wrath. So be advised: TIM P. IS A DOUCHEBAG.

And if anyone has this watch and wants to flip it please give me a holler.