Friday, August 01, 2008

More Vixa Sea Power Love

Sometimes it’s just great to reconnect with a watch after its, well, you know, sort of fallen out of the rotation. I did just that today with my Vixa Nettuno Sea Power today during a family day trip to Neshota Beach in lovely Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

No doubt the Sea Power is a might fine watch and one which deserves to be used, but truth be told, I haven’t been getting it on the wrist all that often. May be it’s the fault of the distinct change of season here in Wisconsin. It seems almost absurd to wear this gigantic sherbet orange piece in the midst of a long drawn out winter. I guess that’s why it ended up relegated to “safe” duty and on a leather strap. Although I enjoy a sweet leather strap, I can appreciate the fact that it’s a little bit of a nod to style and away from function when you strap your tool diver to a premium leather strap. Last winter the Vixa was mounted on a sweet color keyed JRT exotics strap and didn’t see anything close to “service”.

Today was little different and we found ourselves frolicking in the cool waters of Lake Michigan at Neshota. What a fantastic spot Neshota is as Wisconsin/Lake Michigan beaches go. Obviously, there aren’t true waves or exotic fish darting through crystalline blue waters on Lake Michigan. What you get is some deep-water cool lake with the odd sandbar thrown in for good measure. Cool and refreshing on a hot afternoon in the Wisconsin sun. We had a great time though I wouldn’t recommend it to the faint of heart with a water temp of no more then the mid 60’s.

Why the sudden reminder of the Vixa’s capability? Well when you’re swimming in dark water both the size and color of the Vixa stand out extremely well in the murky waters of Lake Michigan. The black bezel contrasts sharply with the creamsicle dial and has large bold white markings, which are highly legible even in the worst of conditions. The Sea Power is most at home on a rubber diver’s strap and was easily rinsed after I was up to my elbows in sand while burying my four-year-old daughter in the cool sand.

Even as we lost the sun and a summer storm moved in the creamsicle colored Vixa proved its mettle as an outstanding and impressive tool. I plan on getting this baby wet again darn soon. The leather strap is now on another watch less suited rough use…

This is my third entry about this watch. See the slideshow and early impressions review in the archive if you have a moment. You think it’s a keeper?

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