Saturday, June 28, 2008

Long Term With The DOXA Sub750T Pro COSC

Sometimes its a rip to look back on your collection. Sometimes you can pat yourself on the back and feel satisfied you’ve made a good addition, and other times you might kick yourself thinking, “WHAT?!? Was I thinking?” Well I’ve had a number of good and not so good additions to my collection over the last several years. Suffice it to say my purchase of a DOXA Sub750T Pro COSC is certainly one of my most satisfying acquisitions and a watch which I’ll surely never give up.

I purchased my COSC in April of 2006 directly from DOXA via the internet. Ah yes, the days pre-retail when the retail price was some nebulous amount and the direct price was so inviting. My how times have changed regarding Doxa’s sales strategy! I distinctly recall waffling as the whether I should go for the COSC or just the Pro version as it could save me a couple bucks. Having no idea of the fact that there are on 100 of the COSC versions, I decided a couple bucks spent was well worth the COSC designation. I am so lucky to have made that decision with not a clue in my naïve WIS mind.

A short time later and the FedEx man dropped a nice box containing my new treasure. AS WIS we all know the rush we get when opening a package with a new acquisition. This was the most dough I had ever put out for a watch, and I really didn’t have a clue as to what to expect from the two dimensional representations I had been fixated upon. Suffice it to say I was just blown away when I opened the package from DOXA. I kid you not; the release of endorphins in my brain had me in an almost euphoric hallucinatory state! My blood was rushing. My pupils were dilated. I was giddy. The easy to size bracelet and supplied screwdriver meant it was on my wrist in moments. I wasted no time in rushing to my cousin Canadajo’s place and flaunting my new find which made his DOXA wannabe Zeno look hilarious in my mind. In retrospect this experience was pretty powerful and immediately bonded me to the COSC at a primeval level.

The watch garnered all sorts of attention among my associates as did my propensity to sport an orange shirt or 10!! Great feedback everywhere I went virtually and in the real world. Seeds of orange obsession were planted and have since long blossomed. I am helpless (almost) in the face of a sweet orange dialed timepiece. I poured over the COSC certificate but stopped just short of framing the sucker. I marveled at the performance my watch’s movement had achieved, but wondered why my results were less than impressive straight out of the tube. I also struggled a bit with a stubborn crown. I fretted a bit over the crown and was constantly paranoid I would cross-thread it. Some may recall a couple of WIS (literally a couple and that’s your only clue) who had a major problems with their watches and were quite vocal about there difficulties. No worries as I stayed the course with the COSC and have never looked back.

Retrospectively, the watch is simply a winner in so many ways. There is the unmistakable aura of serious toolishness all DOXA divers exhibit combined with a look immediately identifiable to those in the know and unique enough to catch the eye of the casual observer. The distinctive DOXA cushion case is in many ways a love it or hate it proposition. As we have seen may love it to death and others couldn’t bothered. I fall somewhere more so in the love it camp but couldn’t see a collection made up of only DOXA cases. The case gets high marks for durability and comfort after being in service for a couple years. The dial and lume are simply outstanding in every respect. The shade of orange is ideally suited for the murky water the COSC has found in Lake Michigan and looks the rat’s ass. Lume is and remains torch like. Blazing when freshly charged and persistent. This is how lume should perform. The bracelet on my watch has given way to the 750T rubber strap from DOXA. The strap took them forever to develop and I received mine at the same time I acquired my second DOXA. The watch has been everywhere and done everything with me over the past couple of years from some casual “diving” in the frigid waters of Lake Michigan, to the boardroom and most importantly the rigors of helping to raise two young children. In all applications the watch is a standout.

Performance wise, the COSC settled in and is one of, if not the most, accurate automatic watches in my collection. It runs consistently right around -2 per 24h and is a rock. The stubborn crown worked its way sweet and there have been no issues with it at all. The overly malleable DOXA bezel has its share of battle scars but don’t they all? As a WIS my identity is shaped by this watch and I couldn’t be more pleased. The long term performance on the watch has been nothing short of stellar.

Times have changed and DOXA has a new sales strategy which is tough sell for many of us in these tough times. I must thank them for suddenly making my watch more valuable! However, for me as a WIS, my DOXA Sub750T COSC is utterly invaluable.

Have a look at the pix. This is one of my most photographed watches. The pix are pretty much in chronological order over the life of the watch right up until now. You’ll see I left it honest with plenty of evidence of use and even some grime. Thanks for taking a look.

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Anonymous said...

Bought my DOXA Pro COSC in 2005. Was petrified I'd made a mistake spending so much money. When the watch arrived I wasn't sure how I felt about so much orange. Tried to exchange for black Sharkhunter but they wouldn't let me. It was for the best. It began to grow on me and over the years has become a second skin. The fact that only 100 were produced also makes me glad to have something so unique. And as for the build and performance, it's truly wonderful. It's the only DOXA I own and the most expensive watch in my small collection, but eight years later I wouldn't trade it in. If I had won a small lottery I would have liked to get the 750 Sharkhunter T-Graph, however :}