Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Addendum to Invicta 3076

I received a comment asking why I basked ShopNBC and Invicta. Well, the answer is quite easy. I have ordered a total of five watches from ShopNBC. Of those five, two had issues. One was the OTV Magico which arrived DOA. SWI did rectify the issue, and I will give SWI kudos for their CS.

The Scooby I ordered apparently had loose screws in the caseback. See the above photo which was taken after wearing the watch for one active day. sorry, but it is not acceptable for a customer to have to check the finish of a new watch. This is fact!! The issues with the Scooby have been well documented on many fora. Even the Kool-Aid forum!!

The other Invictas I ordered were cheaply made and poorly finished. My expectations were low as they were budget watches, but they sure proved to be underwhelming.

As for Invicta's attempts to make high end timepieces... Well you don't have to look far to find proof they are not even close to being in the game. Read the watch fora and you'll find proof.

To put it plainly, Invicta no longer cares about making a quality product for a reasonable price. They are mas marketing junk to nascent WIS and selling crap to high end collectors. Spend your money on a legitimate Swiss timepiece and you'll be much happier.

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