Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tissot PRS516

I broke out my Tissot PRS 516 today and was delighted by it. This watch often times goes forgotten in the watch box which is really too bad as it is a joy to wear.

The PRS 516 was one of the first "real" watches I purchased for myself. Though a novice, I knew the Tissot name meant quality and value and the PRS 516's specs bear
that out:

Water Resistance: 50 METERS
Hour indicators: INDEX
Movement Caliber: 2836-2 MECHANICAL AUTOMATIC
Function(s): DAY/DATE
Power reserve: 42 hours.

So it really is all there and can be hand for under $300. My only regret is that I did not purchase the model on a bracelet. The bracelet is very cool and retro with holes running through the stainless steel. May be someday I'll get it together and order one from Tissot.

This is a quality watch with a lot of style and deserves to be treated better...

The dial is a real work of art with raised indices which the Tissot T shaped second hand passes underneath. The indices are coated in sufficient lume as are the characteristic boxy hands. The dial is a deep black with the chapter index alternating between red and white indexes. Naturally it is branded, and I find the font of choice most pleasing in a modern sporty style. There is ample room for both the day and date function which accompany the ETA 2836-2.

The sapphire crystal is lovely, but it is somewhat tricky to photograph. The bezel appears to be ceramic with white hour numbers painted on it. I've heard the bezels can wear and chip though I haven't had any problem with mine. The case is a 40mm chunk of 316L, brushed on front and high polished on the sides. In this day and age of ginormous watches, 40 mm can seem small when viewed as a spec, but I maintain it to be a most excellent size for a man's watch. The exhibition caseback displays the lightly adorned ETA, and the exhibition window is finished so that it appears to be an old school steering wheel complete with the punched holes in the spokes for hanging a stop watch. This is a nice touch which I fear will become the provence of NASCAR as Tissot is a sponsor and has begun producing NASCAR specific models. The crown is, of course, signed with the Tissot T.

The supple brown leather strap features holes of diminishing circumference and contrasting white stitching. It is secured with a signed deployment clasp. The strap is striking, but there are numerous after market suppliers which make a similar "Rally" strap so it isn't any too special as the bracelet would be. The strap enhances the retro feel of the watch as the is a recreation of a sport minded model which Tissot produced in the 1960s and 1970s. All in all, this watch brings a modern update to a retro classic and is a big winner in my book.

The watch's operation is flawless with a firm crown which feels well connected to the very dependable movement. I haven't done in any measured timings but will do so and post the deviation over 24 hours. (Testing shows this piece to be +4 over 24 hours). I believe it will be minimal. Stylish and functional, this is a purposeful watch which is most at home strapped to the wrist of a spirited driver. I always feel a bit racy while wearing the PRS 516 but think the watch is classy enough to serve many purposes.

One of my most cherished pieces as it came to me early in my quest, and as I stated earlier, a piece that slips through the cracks. I highly recommend this watch to anyone wanting to get into Swiss timepieces without breaking the bank.


willerbumper said...

A very informative blog on a very different timepeice

canadajo said...

Your Vixa blog was a good read

KenC said...

PAX............finally clicked on your site...............very cool. Great reviews!

Anonymous said...

Nice collection, I also collect dive watches, I started with the most expensive and now collect more reasonalble finds, Here's my collection for your reveiw:

1. Breiting Sea Wolf 3000m ($2,000)
2. IWC Aquatimer TI Old style 2000m ($2,500)
3. Bertolluci VIR Diver 300m ($800)
4.Ebel Discovery Auto Red 200m ($650)
5.Wenger 1000m Quartz ($200)good for boat watch very solid
6. Yachtmaster Plat Too Nice to wear ($7500)
7. Movado Dive 300M had it for years, first watch still running.

8. Oris Big Crown Actualy my wifes watch 200m ($400)
9. I got my Invicta Scuba yesterday based on you blog. A lot of watch for $300

Got my eye on the Tisso Seastar in Blue for $360, what do you think

Paxman said...

I prefer to collect based on what i like and i do like some of the pieces listed here... however it is clear the price of the pieces is as impotant to you as the watches themselves as you chose to list the MSRP. Most WIS know the worth of these watches anyhoo. JMHO!!

Anonymous said...
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Leslie Lim said...

First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. God bless.


Leon said...

Any chance you would know where i might find one of these Tissot PRS 516? its been haunting me since I saw it the first (and only time) in real life back in 2006 as a young married. didnt have the cash then. have kids now, but at least the cashflow looks better.
Unless of course you still have this one and are willing to part with it?

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Unknown said...

just stumbled across your blog and this article on your cool PRS516 as we just picked one up second hand here in cebu city philippines and did a google search to find out more info.

your review of this watch was very helpful as originally we suspected the tissot steel bracelet on ours was for a different model. in reading your article where you mentioned the optional bracelet style we were able to confirm that ours does indeed have it's original design steel bracelet with rally style holes matching the steering wheel design of the see-thru case back. we just sent you a friend request on facebook as you may not check in on this blog often. best wishes to you and your family and we will take some pics of our recently purchased PRS516 addition to our collection and send it to your facebook messenger :)

janice and fred
cebu city philippines